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About Me

Working Towards Flourishing Together

Hi, I'm Rae! My pronouns are she and her. Flourishing Monarch is a dream with humble beginnings back to 2008. I’ve trained in group counselling and completed domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy training. I have a heart for helping women & men love themselves. My goal is to see everyone's inner monarch flourish.

Growing up in a black Christian household, emotional awareness and and mental health were never prioritized. All too often black women (and men) are not taught about setting healthy and appropriate boundaries as the limits in their personal and professional lives. Join us as we learn about ourselves and the way others treat us.

This concept (and this website site) is very much a work in progress and I'd be honored if you took this journey with me as I learn more about loving myself, managing my depression and creating a space of awareness and compassion for black and brown people.

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