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Self-Compassion Meditation

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

R.A.I.N. Meditation

By Tara Brach

R - Recognize what's happening inside yourself in the moment

Name it (fear, worry…etc)

"I am not my thoughts. I don't have t believe my thoughts."

A - Allow, let be what's here

Can I let this be?

"This is the reality of the moment. I am not going to try to

get rid of it or ignore it or fix it"

Mentally whisper "it's ok" or "this belongs" or "yes"

I - Investigate

Investigate the sematic contact with

vulnerability inside yourself

What are you unwilling to feel?

Discover what you've been keeping away from

N - Nurture

Nurture the way you respond to vulnerability

Think of the way you express love

and comfort to a loved one in trouble

This allows healing

Ask yourself what does this part (the vulnerable place within yourself)

most need to be comforted

Look into yourself with interest and gentleness

The Goal is to get to a compassionate presence

Download the full meditation guide below

Download • 230KB

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